Our multi-age Kindergarten program meets each child where they are: academically, socially, and emotionally. Following the principles of Reggio Emilia, while utilizing a variety of educational research, we support each child’s learning process and are able to connect and collaborate with all members of the classroom. We practice developmentally appropriate skills, model respect, and encourage children to think deeply and to reflect with one another.

Academic areas are interconnected. What may begin as a question in literacy, can quickly turn into multiple lessons in science, social studies, mathematics, and self-discovery. Classroom projects grow from children’s interests and encourage each learner to build knowledge through investigation and inquiry. Our thoughtfully arranged environment helps children feel at home as they discover, wonder, and explore learning through various lenses while also becoming critical thinkers.

parent feedback

“We can’t say enough wonderful things about Parker River Kindergarten. Our little boy started off the school year not wanting to go and uncomfortable voicing his needs. We were a bit worried about him but he has blossomed into this confident little boy who has a love of learning thanks to his teacher Miss Jessie. The small classroom size has given him a chance to become a leader we always thought he could be but needed the right environment. We found that at Parker River.”
-Parents of 5 year old K student

“We love Parker River community preschool and the way that nature and art is incorporated into the curriculum on a daily basis. Ms. Jessie does an amazing job treating each child as an individual and highlighting each child’s strengths. My child looks forward to going to school each and every day.”
-Sage’s mom, Jacqueline Joyce

” I feel so fortunate that my daughter has had the opportunity to be a part of the K program at PRCP! There is no other school experience like it! PRCP celebrates each child as an individual and the truly loves each child in every one of their programs! I highly recommend PRCP to all parents looking for a amazing and nurturing K experience.”
-Lucia’s mom, Lisa Happ

“We highly recommend PRCP and especially the Kindergarten program! The school offers a nurturing and enriching environment that has allowed our son to thrive, socially, developmentally and academically. The small class size allows for Ms. Jessie to give each child the attention they need to learn and explore independently, as well as to work together as a team. We really appreciate the weekly blog and the wealth of information/tips that Ms. Jessie sends out – it helps us as parents to continue her good work at home and in our everyday activities.”
–Oliver’s parents, Susannah & Craig Copland

“M loves her Kindergarten class and Miss Jessie…as do we! M missed the public school cut-off so she would have been attending her 3rd year of preschool. When the opportunity presented itself for M to be part of the kindergarten program at Parker River we jumped at the chance! I mean who wouldn’t!?!? M was excited about the challenge and has embraced her new role as kindergartener! Miss Jessie is really fostering a love of learning that I feel is sometimes overlooked in a public school setting. Everyday M is excited to share with me all of the things she learned at school! The small class size enables Miss Jessie to work on unique projects that would be much harder in a large class setting. We will be sad for M to graduate in June but we are confident she will be ready for anything that comes her way!”
-Madeleine’s parents, Bonnie & Henrick

“It was a great decision to send our child to Parker River’s Kindergarten program. We were in search of a half-day program that would give our 5-yr old boy time to grow and get ready for full-days at the elementary school the following year. On our first visit to Parker River we were introduced to friendly and professional group of teachers who are clearly focused on creating a wonderful learning environment. They teach a traditional kindergarten curriculum while taking the time to explore concepts like the bridge building and nature studies. It helps that the Kindergarten Teacher is very sharp, sensible and down to earth. She has terrific way with the kids and they all love her. From the moment you walk into the door you get a warm feeling…it’s kind of like a welcoming home.”
-Justin’s parents, Jonathan and Susan Brown